How to change the default location of mailboxes in Plesk for Linux?




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    Stuart Mayne (Edited )

    Following the above guide, I was left unable to log into the mailboxes (even using webmail). So I reverted back to the original dovecot and postfix configurations, and re-run the mchk utility - and access was returned. Have I missed something?

    Furthermore - one of your collegues recently posted a warning that the "mchk" command is not advised, and that instead admins should instead, be using "plesk repair mail" ...which is the better advice?

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    Nikolay Zhmuk

    @Stuart Mayne hi, I checked the solution described in the article step by step and it works as expected. Have you run mchk utility as it is suggested on the step 8?

    Regarding question about 'plesk repair mail' utility, such tool extends the functionality of mchk. It runs mchk tool along with the other repair actions, that is why it was recommended to use. Note that I have updated the article and replaced mchk with plesk repair mail.

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    Emilio Ortiz

    Very weird error the creating email after migrate folder if path contains uppercase.

    "unable to change to mbox folder /media/2tb/mailnames/"

    "Fatal error: plesk::mail::FSError(unable to remove quota: Success: "/media/2TB/mailnames/"

    I've solved it creating a symlink from "2tb" to "2TB". I think could be a bug. 

    I've checked twice misspelling on both files.

    PS: Also step 9 is not needed en Ubuntu. 


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    Robert Asilbekov

    @Emilio Ortiz Could you please provide the following:

    1. Plesk migrator version 
    2. Plesk version output
    3. Source platform you are migrating from
    4. Plesk technical report id:
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    Emilio Ortiz

    I'm not migrating platform. I'm only changing the path of the mail folder to a bigger one.

    • Product version: Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 Update #39
    • Update date: 2018/01/31 14:37
    • Build date: 2017/03/17 16:00
    • OS version: Ubuntu 16.04
    • Revision: 55d1b49a272f44666e1920eca8b6e4da449a38cd
    • Architecture: 64-bit
    • Wrapper version: 1.2

    Plesk Migrator is not installed.


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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Emilio Ortiz

    The issue was not reproduced in the test environment with the same OS and Plesk version.

    Consider contacting Plesk Technical Support

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    Unknown User


    After moving the mailboxes path, does the backup consider the new path?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Daniele Vasalli


    The backup manager will use the new mailboxes path. It was checked on a test server.

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    thank you, 

    if i have a firewall who checks UDP/ TCP Ports IN/ OUT which Ports do i have to allow in Ordner to have everything working normal? 


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