How to enable MySQL logging?




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    Hi, I just tried this on my system - first I followed the instructions in the 5.1 or higher section as I have 5.7 on Plesk Onyx and nothing seemed to be logged so I tried the at runtime instructions and got the following error:

    root@gsl-lxweb:/var/log# touch /var/log/query
    root@gsl-lxweb:/var/log# chown mysql.adm /var/log/query && chmod 640 /var/log/query
    root@gsl-lxweb:/var/log# plesk db "SET GLOBAL general_log_file = '/var/log/query'"
    root@gsl-lxweb:/var/log# plesk db "SET GLOBAL general_log = 'ON'"
    ERROR 29 (HY000) at line 1: File '/var/log/query' not found (Errcode: 13 - Permission denied)
    exit status 1

    ls -l shows the following:

    -rw-r----- 1 mysql             adm             0 Nov  7 13:09 query

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi Mark,

    I have just checked that on Debian 9 and "5.1 or higher" approach worked for me as expected. Could you provide me with your OS version? In case of Ubuntu, AppArmor might be blocking it.

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