[HUB] Website shows Plesk default page


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[HUB] Website shows Plesk default page

Applicable to:

  • Plesk

General information

This issue occurs when Plesk server cannot find a configuration for the requested website/webmail, so it returns default page.The most common causes of it are website/webmail misconfiguration, DNS resolution to an improper IP, incorrect domain settings in Plesk, obsolete browser cache and missing website content. In order to determine the root cause and fix the issue, you can use the diagnostics steps below.

Diagnostics steps

  1. Check for name resolution issues. Find website's proper IP address in Hosting Panel > Websites & Domains screen, and check domain name resolution using nslookup utility. If the domain is resolved into improper IP address, check /etc/hosts file (for Linux) or %SystemRoot%\\system32\\drivers\\etc\\hosts file (for Windows) for a record associating the domain with IP address and correct it. Change the IP address if required. Correct the DNS Settings if required.

  2. Check for website content issues.

    2.1. Go to Home > Subscriptions > example.com , open Apache & nginx Settings or IIS Settings depending on the OS type, and check Index.files to clarify which file type has precedence as Default document. If Default option is selected, index.html has the precedence over index.php , index.asp and others.

    2.2. Go to Home > Subscriptions > example.com > Files and check content of the index file clarified on the previous step. It should not contain Plesk Default page text. If it does, website content is not uploaded yet or was uploaded improperly (to the other website). If the website content is uploaded properly, set a precedence of its index file in web server settings described in the previous step.

  3. Check for website/webmail configuration issues. Reconfigure the website:

    For Linux:
    # plesk repair web example.com

    /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/httpdmng --reconfigure-domain example.com

    For Windows:
    C:> plesk repair web example.com

    "%plesk_cli%\repair" --reconfigure-web-site -web-site-name example.com

    Note: webmail will be also reconfigured.
  4. For a Plesk server deployed on Amazon Cloud service or behind NAT, follow instructions from this article .

  5. For webmail default page, make sure that it is turned on in Domains > example.com > Mail > Mail Settings
  6. For Plesk on Windows, ensure the site is not stopped in IIS Manager > sites > example.com . It can be started using Manage Website menu of Actions panel in IIS Manager.

  7. Clear browser cache, as obsolete cache can cause non-actual page shown in browser.

If the issue persists, or during the troubleshooting, the error was encountered, please check for the following available articles or search the solution in Knowledge Base :

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