Apache handler is not available in Plesk: The handler cannot be enabled because corresponding Apache module turned off




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    Jan van Leeuwen (Edited )


    where exactly do I

    Enable mod_php Apache handler in Tools & Settings > PHP Settings.

    I have several PHP-Versions and 3 "tastes" FPM / CGI / FASTCGI of each

    there is a screen with checkboxes and php.ini - I cannot find mod_php in there.

    I would be gratefull for a hint on how to solve this, I need it for 1 specific webapp.


    Kind regards,


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    Lev Iurev

    Hi @Jan,  mod_php is not secured and is now allowed for Plesk php. I've followed the described instructions from the article and was able to enable mod_php handler for PHP version marked as 'by OS vendor'

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    Jan van Leeuwen

    Thanks Lev,

    I found it before but had to solve some other Problems. I must now research further why an Oxidshop after a move to another server does not recognise mod_rewrite.

    This was one of the problems encountered, Presta may not be as structured but is much easier to handle.



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