The license key 'PLSK099999990002' does not exist


2016-11-16 12:47:16 UTC


2017-04-24 12:11:45 UTC


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The license key 'PLSK099999990002' does not exist

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux


  1. On the Top > Infrastructure > Service nodes screen, the license has an Invalid status and the following error is displayed:

    The license key PLSK099999990002 does not exist
  2. The required key is missing in Top > License & Security > License Manager .

  3. Attempting to assign the new license key is unsuccessful because the required node is not displayed in the list of available nodes. Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA) returns the message that no nodes were found:

    No Windows nodes found


    No Linux nodes found


Software issue PPA-2196 . This issue occurs when a Customer uses a monthly lease type of license and the license has been expired or terminated. The fix is included in MU #10 .


To fix the issue:

  1. Create a backup of the PPA database using this article

  2. Log into the Parallels Plesk Automation database:

    psql -h<ip address> -Uplesk
  3. Find the required license key:

    plesk=> select * from msp_licenses; 
    host_id | license_id | license_product
    8 | PLSK066666660004 | plesk-unix
    4 | PLSK077777770001 | plesk-unix
    3 | PLSK088888880003 | plesk-unix
    1 | PLSK099999990002 | plesk-unix
  4. Remove the record with the incorrect key from the database:

    plesk=> delete from msp_licenses where license_id='PLSK099999990002';
  5. Make sure that the required node has changed the license key status from Invalid to None on Top > Infrastructure > Service Nodes .

  6. Assign the new license key to the required node at Top > License & Security > License Manager > choose required key > Assign > choose the required service node from the list > OK

  7. Update PA to the latest version:

    /usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update --install-updates
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