How to change PHP version for webmail in Plesk for Linux




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    Kuzma Ivanov Please read this thread, which relates directly to using this article: @IgorG the helpful Forums Analyst has alredy provided an answer, so we have also invoked the above and adapated it lik ehe did, to use plesk-php74-fastcgi in the custom config template. That all works fine and there are no issues in terms of Roundcube etc. It's still impossible to remove PHP7.3 though, for th esame resaons that have already been described in that thread, because the default config template still refers to plesk-php73-fastcgi 

    We could, simply overwrite the defaut config template, so that it uses plesk-php74-fastcgi then, delete the custom config template, then run # plesk repair web -server again and that should allow the removal of PHP 7.3 but... the potential then, is for dependency issues at the next Plesk Upgrade, IF the default config template has not been updated by Plesk, prior to that upgrade...

    So, this is not actually a bug, but.... when using Plesk 18.0.35 onwards, the ONLY thing that's still linked back to the old & no longer actively supported PHP release 7.3 is Plesk Roundcube (!) via the default template. Can you see if this change, can be included in the next Plesk Upgrade?

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    Kuzma Ivanov THREE months later and the above small change STILL hasn't been applied by Plesk and that means... you guessed it; It's still impossible to remove PHP7.3 without Plesk automatically removing Roundcube at the same time by default.

    Can somebody at Pesk please ensure this IS included in the next Plesk upgrade? Even if it's just the dependency link that's removed, that would be better than the current situation of being forced to host EOL old PHP versions. Thx

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