How to change virtual hosts location in Plesk for Linux?




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    web studio (Edited )

    hello i get error message 502 Bad Gateway and 503 on domains client after using this guide. Version Plesk Onyx v17.5.3_build1705170317.16 os_CentOS 7

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    Artyom Baranov

    @web studio,

    I suppose that you have faced the bug from the "Warning" message (Plesk Onyx, enabled SELinux).

    Contact Plesk support to assist you in resolving the issue:

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    Diego Alvarez

    Thank you!!! Muchas gracias, estaba buscando esta solución hace 1 mes, y con este script pude cambiar de carpeta el virtual host.

    Thank You!!!

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    Jean Poulain

    Hi ! 
    Is this problem now corrected by updates ?


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    Nikita Nikushkin (Edited )

    Hi @Jean Poulain,

    The bug "#PPPM-6521" is not fixed yet

    As a workaround, before changing the vhosts folder, set SELinux to permissive mode:

    How to enable/disable SELinux on a server?

    For correct websites working capacity, SELinux has to be in the permissive mode even after changing websites vhosts directory

    I also updated the article with this information

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