20 Steps to Success Upgrade


2016-11-16 12:42:18 UTC


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20 Steps to Success Upgrade

Applicable to:

  • Plesk

Before the upgrade

1. My system fits all the requirements

2. My panel and all services are up and running, I see no errors on Home page before upgrade

3. My sites are up before upgrade

4. I know that upgrade does not fix existing issues – I ask to fix them before updating

5. I create full system backup before upgrade

6. I have sufficient disk space to start upgrade

7. All my anti-virus programs are disabled before upgrade

8. On Linux I disable 3rd-party repositories before upgrade

9. I downloaded the latest Plesk installer of the latest Plesk version available on Parallels site to start upgrade

10. My user in the system has administrative privileges

Planning the upgrade

11. I have a license for new version of my panel

12. I schedule maintenance window for my users before upgrade planning it out of business time (if possible)

Doing the upgrade

13. I do not blindly “say” yes to all OS/installer requests during upgrade

14. I do not cancel upgrade (even if I think it hanged)

15. I do not try to launch second upgrade simultaneously (even if I really want to)

16. I do not run upgrade again if it initially failed

17. I do not fix upgrade issues on my own, but contact Plesk Support

18. I upgrade my panel from the latest update within a major version installing all available micro updates

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