What does the OFFLINE_MANAGEMENT option do?

Refers to:

  • Plesk 12.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux


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What does the OFFLINE_MANAGEMENT option do?


To simplify the usage of Parallels Power Panel for container owners, the PPP web interface is accessible on the IP address of the container. By default, port 4643 is used. If the container has an IP address of, the PPP management interface is accessible on -- even if the container is stopped. PPP accessibility on the IP address of the container is controlled by the per-container configuration parameter OFFLINE_MANAGEMENT. By default, it is set to "yes". To enable/disable this option for container 101, use the following commands:

# vzctl set 101 --offline_management=yes --save
# vzctl set 101 --offline_management=no --save

Parallels Power Panel has the following login mechanism:

  • If the OFFLINE_MANAGEMENT parameter is set to "yes", PPP accepts the container "root" login with the corresponding password when connecting to the IP address of the container.
  • If OFFLINE_MANAGEMENT is enabled and Parallels Plesk Panel is installed in the container, it is possible to login to PPP with the Plesk "admin" credentials. In this case, however, the management capabilities available via the web interface are limited.
  • (For PVC 4.0 only) The Service Container administrative credentials (user "vzagent0" with the corresponding password) are supported as well. Upon administrative login, all containers on the Node are manageable.

Note: When offline management is switched on for a container with Plesk installed, the Plesk interface works via the Service Container (in other words, port 8443 is forwarded to the Service Container). In this case, some additional Parallels Virtuozzo Containers-related functionality is added to the Plesk interface.

Additional resources.

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