Migration a domain with dedicated IP address between Plesk registered in OBA-S


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Migration a domain with dedicated IP address between Plesk registered in OBA-S

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 9.x and below for Linux


You need to migrate a domain hosted on dedicated IP address between Plesk's registered in OBA-S with preserving IP address.


Migration of domain with dedicated ip is not different from migration with shared IP but you need perform additional actions for preserving dedicated IP.

  1. Perform the migration, in the IP mapping table select target IP address as shared IP.
  2. Go to OBA-S, TOP > Service Director > IP Manager > IP Pools
  3. Disable all IP pools with the same type that having dedicated IP, except IP pool with this dedicated IP. For this tap on the pool name, tap edit, remove checkbox 'Enabled' and click update.
  4. Open the IP pool that contains dedicated IP. Open tab Exclusions. Create two new exclusions for all IP, first for all IP's before dedicated IP address, and second for all IP's after dedicated IP.

    For example: dedicated IP is

    It belongs the pool with name "Pool for dedicated IP's" that start and end first exclusion with start address and end second exclusion from to

  5. Go to Top > Migration Director > Conflicts Resolver > Plesk Clients, find the conflict with migrated client and resolve it.

    In this step PBA-S will:- remove dedicated IP from source node- sync the subscription with Plesk subscription- attach the dedicated IP to the destination node- assign the dedicated IP to the client

    Note : The last three steps will be performed automaticaly if the domain was migrated from Plesk with version lower than 10. So you may need to start client syncronization manually in case with Plesk versions later than 10. Open the subscription and tap 'Synchronize Plesk Client' in Top > Account Director > Subscription Manager > Subscriptions > %Subscription%. This is will automatized in the future OBA-S relises.

  6. Open target Plesk, locate the domain subscription, tap 'Changing Hosting Settings', switch hosting IP address to the dedicated IP and tap OK.

  7. Dont forget to enable all disabled IP pools after finishing the migration.
  8. Dont forget to remove IP Pool Exclusions, added during the step 4 as well.
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