How to verify POP3/IMAP traffic statistics for subscription in Plesk?




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    Is it possible to do the calculation for a period of time. On the web interface statistics does not have a time frame. How can we verify that using db and/or CLI

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    Taras Ermoshin


    In the Plesk interface, the traffic statistics are shown per-month (e.g in August, the statistics for this month are shown, the same for September, October etc.).

    You can verify POP3/IMAP statistics in the Plesk database for the particular day(s) using the query like this:


    plesk db "select sum(pop3_imap_in+pop3_imap_out) from DomainsTraffic where date='2018-08-21' AND dom_id in (select id from domains where name='')"


    The same is applicable to other columns in the table DomainsTraffic.


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