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Sending messages from webmail fails: SMTP Error (250): Authentication failed




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    Maghreb Services SARL


    sudo plesk sbin pci_compliance_resolver --enable all

    adds the following line to /etc/postfix/main.cf:

    tls_ssl_options = no_compression

    This is one of the options that the article says leads to a misconfiguration. Is that a bug?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Maghreb Services SARL

    The cause is this article is when these options are defined with errors.

    The options added by pci_compliance_resolver shouldn't cause issues.

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    Denis De La Paz Miranda


    Intente varias soluciones que encontre tanto para RoundCube y Horde, incluyendo la solucion de este post. Al no resolverlo revise la configuracion y logre solucionarlo asi:

    Ir al apartado Herramientas y configuración - Configuracion de correo a nivel de servidor y en Opciones de retransmision seleccione la opcion Autorización obligatoria y marque SMTP.

    Espero le sirva de ayuda a alguien.


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