Unable to run scheduled backups or run Migration on Plesk: Access denied for user 'admin'@'::1' (using password: YES)



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    Neither option is acceptable.  Plesk has changed something to make this an issue, as we've been using Plesk since 2004 and have always had skip-name-resolve in place for performance reasons, and this has never come up.  This issue has also begun breaking Migration & Transfer Manager in the past few weeks, regardless of source system OS or Plesk version.

    If we skip-name-resolve, we kill performance for mysql instances that see frequent new connections.  The other solution means now we're maintaining separate admin users independent of Plesk, and we have to go update them with the correct password every time we change the Plesk password, which is on a 90 day basis due to PCI requirements.  Multiply that out to every Plesk server we operate and the burden gets ridiculous.

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