Unable to access Plesk: Table 'psa.<table_name>' doesn't exist




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    Ehud Ziegelman


    I got:
    ERROR 1265 (01000) at line 3504: Data truncated for column 'event_type' at row 8

    What should I do?


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    Sean Bremner

    I'm having the exact same issue as Ehud Zielgelman mentioned above.

    ERROR 1265 (01000) at line 7901: Data truncated for column 'event_type' at row 1

    This has occurred after I've updated our MariaDB from 10.7 to 10.11 & needed to reinstall the Plesk packages that were removed as dependencies of MariaDB.

    If you've managed to fix this yourself Ehud, or if anyone else knows the cause & a solution I'd truly appreciate it so that I can get our server back up & running again.

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    Ehud Ziegelman (Edited )

    Hi Sean Bremner,

    In our case, the issue arose, to the best of my understanding, from Plesk CHANGING the data structure of the Plesk Fire Wall, possibly from IPTABLES to IPSET. 

    IPSET is the data structure supporting blocking of countries recently introduced by Plesk.

    That broke our instance, coming to update an old Plesk fire wall installation, after a Plesk version upgrade.

    What I had to do was to restore an old instance from an AWS snap shot, REMOVE the Plesk Fire Wall (specific configuration and the service as well), update the Plesk version again, and install the NEW Plesk Fire Wall and configure it from scratch. 

    IMHO, Plesk was not doing well regarding this issue, nor preciously with in my opinion bad coding of the Plesk Fire Wall.


    As you can see, I did not get a Plesk response to my comment.

    Kuzma Ivanov, may I ask if you would like to comment?

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    Unknown User

    I have the same error from a plesk upgrade. Actively looking to switch panels, this is just nuts. 

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