How to migrate only mail content to Plesk server using Plesk migrator?



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    Timothy Wright

    This pops up loads of errors that are not linked to e-mail migration, which can be unnerivng, and tempts you to quit the migration.
    It's true that here is an option within a domain to migrate (or import) a single e-mail account, which works just fine, it's just a shame that under this domain option you cannot simply import all e-mail addresses in the same way without having to go through the process for each individual mail account.
    It would therefore be nice to have a server migration option whereby you dispense with all other consideration except e-mail accounts, because when moving from an older server to a newer one, it's nice not to have to consider any domain 'baggage' like subscriptions, customers and so on - or at least have the options not to.

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