How to manage Plesk extensions (install, disable, remove, update)




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    Ehud Ziegelman (Edited )

    Hi Kuzma Ivanov,

    I can not see a way to check a Plesk extension status. This is not good.

    Moreover, the Plesk Firewall which was a SERVICE was modified to be an extension. Thus, a service file, stopped identifying its starting event...

    # Service file creation
    vi /etc/systemd/system.control/firewall_log.service

    I have placed relevant content in service file:

    # Service file content


    And BTW, as part of the script effectuating the Fire Wall rules, Plesk could set:

    # /usr/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -j LOG 
    # /usr/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -j LOG
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    Petrus Neacsu

    How can plesk stop installing extensions without my consent? I have very little space on the server and sometimes I receive messages that the limit has been reached. When I look, plesk again installed who knows what extensions that I don't need, without my consent. It is very likely that I will give up plesk and for this reason besides the fact that statistics_coll frequently lasts about two to three days and the access_logs only change every two to three days. The last one is from December 26. It really bothers me that plesk installs extensions without my consent. I created my account just to say this and others. If you are receptive, ok, if not, I will be a former client of yours.

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