Upon restoring Plesk backup email messages show backup restoration time as the time they were received on the Apple mail client



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    Miha Gregors


    I write here because I didnt find any threat related to "Redownloading of old mails via pop3 after migration Plesk to Plesk"

    Last week I migrate Plesk server (CentOS7, Plesk 18.0.56, Postfix, Dovecot) to Plesk server (Almalinux8, Plesk 18.0.56, Postfix, Dovecot) with "Migration & Transfer Manager" At the end (after migration) IP were stays the same. After migration all pop3 email account redownoaded all messages. Do you know about this problem? I found only this information https://talk.plesk.com/threads/redownloading-of-old-mails-after-migration.336590/


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