How to enable Queues in the Laravel project for Plesk Laravel Toolkit




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    Marcel Nowocyn

    This article gives much information about how to enable it with sql (mysql/sqllite) databases and it works really great.

    The only thing mission in the extension and in this article is the behavior of the extension. I encountered a disabled switch button if my application use a cached config file. If I remove the caching for the config the switch button is enabled (clickable again). With the environment variable from the composer package it is possible to activate the queue what isn't mentioned somewhere.  

    It would be very nice if there is a better overview for the complete behavior of this extension and more information why is the switch disabled for clicks or why it is enabled. 


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    Unknown User (Edited )

    I have both:
    Scheduled Tasks on and the Plesk Laravel Toolkit integration package. but the button is still disabled, i can not enable it. why is that?!

    manually running php artisan queue:work in plesk
    works fine.

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    Stephen Rushing

    I believe this only starts one queue worker.

    Many Laravel applications have multiple queues. How do we use this task to start workers for the others?


    php artisan queue:work --name=queuename
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