Why is Plesk Multi Server not supported in Plesk Onyx 17.8?




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    Thomas Mcconnell

    I just got this message on my screen now

    New WordPress Toolkit features are now developed only for Plesk Onyx 17.8 and later. Upgrade Plesk to take advantage of the new WordPress Toolkit interface and new features.

    What's the ETA of multi-server working and whats the rational of the above if your limiting MS customers to 17.5

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    Alisa Kasyanova


    There is no ETA for Multi Server 17.8 at the moment.
    I understand that this message is not logical, so I will create a request to our developers regarding that.
    Thank you for the feedback!

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    Artyom Baranov

    @Thomas Mcconnell

    The bug has been confirmed and documented. Thank you for bringing our attention to this!

    Please check the article Why the promotion message for unsupported upgrade is displayed on Plesk Multi Server? for more information.

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