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    Georg (Edited )

    It doesn't help to us. We found after days of searching possible cause in cron job for Magento 2.3. Plesk runs new cron job as "root" (if you put task inside) and cron job task change files/directory permission by deleting cache in folder for example to "root" folder permission. After that  an application cant access to the files with root permission. Problem is because admin cant add task in the name of other system user named by subscription in Plesk. And files in application needs such rights and groups in Magento 2.3. Solution is changing task which correct files permissions on the end of processing but easier would be if we can add cron jobs via admin in the name of subscription user. It seems Magento 1.9 can read from root cache folder but Magento 2.3 wont. 

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    Chaibi Alaa

    None of this works, and this is causing me getting all my clients fully angry !

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