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    Diego Vogel

    Has this been fixed? I've been using Smart Update for a few months and have never gotten an update analysis email. I know Smart Update is working (things are being updated), and I'm getting the update summary emails that tell me things are updated. But I'm not getting the update analysis emails with before/after pictures, etc. Is this related to this bug?

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    Konstantin Annikov


    The bug tells that autoupdates are locked, however in your case they are completed without issues. That is why I do not think that the issue you are describing is related to this bug.

    As for your case:
    Once WordPress instance is being automatically updated, Smart Update feature sends a report with the link to comparison results, as it is described in our documentation:

    In case you are sure that the instance has been updated automatically, but the email does not contain the link, please submit the request to Plesk technical support at this page:

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    Diego Vogel


    Thank you for following up. I know my WordPress instances are being updated automatically because (1) when I check them they are all updated and (2) I'm getting the update summary emails that list plugins that were automatically updated. However, I'm not getting any Update Analysis emails with links to before/after pictures, feedback, etc. 

    I tried to contact tech support about this but I was unable to because I got my license through a Plesk partner (Media Temple). However, when I contacted MT they weren't able to fix this (they didn't seem to know much about Smart Update at all, I had to explain what it was). Is there any way I can talk to Plesk tech support directly? Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Diego,

    According to the partnership agreement, Plesk partners may submit tickets to us in case they got stuck.

    Also, it is possible to submit a request to Plesk directly:

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