How to proxy requests from domains to Docker container in Plesk?




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    Unknown User

    Im currently using the Litespeed Webserver addon which requires Nginx to be turned off to work. How can i run nginx only for docker proxy without interfering with my litespeed webserver? Or is this impossible?

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi @Blake Moore.

    Nginx can be enabled only server-wide, so in case of Litespeed it is hardly an option. In theory, it should be possible to configure some sort of proxy in Litespeed configuration files manually, however this scenario was not tested and it will be impossible to manage this via Plesk as described in the article.

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    Andy Perry

    Hi, is it possibe to add a rule that routes ports 80 & 443 to the same docker image ?



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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Andy,

    If I understood you correctly, you mean that your image also uses ports 80 and 443 inside.

    This article describes your case.

    Following the guide, you need to map image port with external, for example, 32768.

    After that, the step 4 allows to redirect your domain via ports 80 and 443 to external image ports.

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    Andy Perry

    Hi Ivan no, my image uses different ports which are mapped to ports 80 & 443 as per the first image in the article. I have done this the problem is when setting up the proxy rule i can select to forward either port 80 or port 443 to my container not both.

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    Alexandr Zubtsovsky

    Hello Andy,

    Plesk interface allows mapping only one port to Docker container at a time. This is behavior by design.

    Vote for this feature, and leave your feedback as a comment here (top voted ideas are likely to be implemented in next product releases): 

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    Gonzalo Besoain (Edited )

    I have an odoo instance running with docker and that instance is proxied to a domain that has SSL certificate installed.

    If I visit it will navigate under SSL but if I logout goes back to the non secure version.

    How can I force the use of HTTPS on this instance?

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    Maxim Krasikov

    Hello @Gonzalo Besoain

    Please make sure that option "Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS" is enabled for the domain in Plesk > Domains > > Hosting Settings.

    If the issue still persist please submit a ticket to technical support under the link:

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