MariaDB does not start after upgrade when installation directory is inside /home




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    Luka Paunović

    Daemon looks whether those variables are defined. Not whether they are set to true or false.

    So the correct way is just to leave it blank.


    Also, it's worth mentioning for newbies that this should be run:

    systemctl daemon-reload
    After I did this it finally worked. Interesting is that this occurs only with MariaDB 10.1 
    Those variables are not existent for earlier versions.
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    Denis Bykov

    @Luka, thank you for your input.

    The solution had been verified and the article was expanded accordingly.

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    Luka Paunović (Edited )

    Even after this fix mariadb.service file is getting overwritten with an update. So to avoid any further downtime I did this:

    cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/mariadb.service /etc/systemd/system/mariadb.service

    Then I made changes to


    And that's it! Even after update  - you are safe!

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    Mike Lou

    hello,how can i change ProtectSystem and ProtectHome

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    Mike Lou

    mysqld(mysqld 10.1.40-MariaDB)从进程5975开始...

    why ?

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    Nikita Nikushkin

    Hi @Mike Lou,

    > how can i change ProtectSystem and ProtectHome

    Use any text editor for this, e.g. the "vi" one:

    How to edit file using vi utility on Linux?

    I also updated the article with this info

    Thanks for the feedback!

    > mysqld(mysqld 10.1.40-MariaDB)从进程5975开始...
    > mysqld:请查阅知识库,了解如何以root身份运行mysqld!

    Seems some misconfiguration in MariaDB configuration files or MariaDB service exists

    It is better to investigate such issues directly on the server - create a request to Plesk Support Department

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