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After migration DKIM verification fails: dkim=fail (body hash did not verify)




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    Marcos Martinez

    I only have this issue when the recipient is hotmail, for yahoo, gmail, and other DKIM is working fine. I've tried the two workarounds but it did not work.

    Any idea why I only have this issue with hotmail accounts?

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    Ivan Postnikov (Edited )

    Hello @Marcos, please, try this instruction to troubleshoot the issue.

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    Raivo Kaldma (Edited )

    after migrating from plesk 17 to 18 some mailservers fails to verify DKIM - DKIM-Result: fail (wrong body hash:
    this happen with mail.com and some others mailservers

    Gmail is ok.

    I tried both 2 workarounds, no help.

    And DKIM signature contains h=Recived: tag
    But i read that signature must not contain Recived (http://dkim.org/specs/rfc4871-dkimbase.html 5.5

    The following header fields SHOULD NOT be included in the signature:

    • Return-Path
    • Received
    • Comments, Keywords
    • Bcc, Resent-Bcc
    • DKIM-Signature

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