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How to change the location for temporary backup files in Plesk for Linux




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    Stanisław Daszkiewicz (Edited )


    Danila Gavrilowa pointed me to this article. The article in fact better suits the subject, but the problem remains.

    I have set up DUMP_D and DUMP_TMP_D for not standard folder (mounted disk on cloud service), jest like the article above instructs.

    # grep DUMP_TMP_D /etc/psa/psa.conf
    DUMP_TMP_D /mnt/disk_backup/tmp

    # ls -ld /mnt/disk_backup/tmp
    drwxrwxrwt 2 root root 12288 Aug 7 02:27 /mnt/disk_backup/tmp

    The backup creation process works well. But when I download backup file from remote ftp storage, the file is downloaded to /opt/psa/tmp/ (instead of DUMP_TMP_D), and then, after it is downloaded, it is moved to DUMP_D.  When there is not enough free space on the base partition (where /opt/psa/tmp is) i can't download the backup or restore a backup from remote ftp storage. (My backup files are big proportionally to partition size).

    In my opinion the file should be downloaded to DUMP_TMP_D.

    Please tell me if there is an option to change location of temporary download file or, if there is any other workaround of this problem with small base partition.

    Plesk 17.8.11 Update #62, Debian 8.11.

    Best regards,

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    Julian Bonpland Mignaquy the first Link "https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213902125-Unable-to-download-a-backup-from-backup-repository-on-Plesk-server-page-not-found" is not working anymore. 

    Is there a save way to run Backup (TMP) Folder on NFS? 

    Without any Issues regarding backup and restoring? 

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  • Hi Lenor,

    Such issue has to be fixed in the latest versions of Plesk.

    If this still happens to you on a up-to-date Plesk, please open a support request here.

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    Christian Vestol (Edited )

    After having upgraded from Onyx to Obsidian (days ago) the temporary location is no longer working, it's set to the same DUMP_TMP_D as worked before the update. However, our PGSQL database dump is for some reason using the /OPT/PSA/TMP folder as if the setting in this file (/HOME/PLESK/TMP) is being ignored and as a result, it runs out of disk space.

    No changes were done filesystem wise, it's the same temp folder as before the update and I have tried to set it again and restart the service to no avail. Assistance and tips on what to try would be greatly welcomed.

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  • Hi Christian,

    Please open a support request here so that it can be investigated properly.

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    Sebastian Ayala (Edited )

    Hello Cristian, try to change both variables inside psa.conf:



    To (for example):



    Don´t forget to create the complete path folders in your drive and give 1777 permissions.

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