Why system updates shown by Plesk and by system package manager are different




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    Ehud Ziegelman (Edited )

    Article lacks info of the update itself:

    To install system package updates please use the apt-get utility. Run the command below to start the update of system packages:

    # apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

    After the installation is completed, please reboot the server via the following command at a suitable time:

    # reboot

    In addition, you can also try using KernelCare extension to be sure that a server's kernel is up-to-date. The extension allows installing kernel updates on the fly without rebooting the server.

    It is safe to update Plesk server's system packages using an operating system package manager and moreover, we recommend to keep the system up-to-date and update system packages from official repositories in case such updates are available. It allows keeping your Plesk server secured. Please refer to the following article for details: Is it safe to update Plesk server's system packages using an operating system package manager? 

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    Alexander Tsmokalyuk


    The article has been updated, thank you!

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