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    STLS (Edited )

    Above lvectl command will not work on Onyx for me. 

    Steps I followed

    1. Get the LVE User by Logging into Plesk > Domains > select domain > copying System User shown in this area:

    2. Then run the following command:
    lvectl set-user USER_ID --maxEntryProcs=NEW_LIMIT

    USER_ID - is System User from step 1
    NEW_LIMIT - new maximum number of connections. Default value is 20.

    This change can then be double-checked by running:
     lvectl list-user | grep USER_ID

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @STLS,

    Let me clarify,

    In your comment mention that USER_ID is System User. However, it is not so. User_id may be found here:

    Use the following command:

    # cat /etc/passwd | grep test123

    Where Test123 is the name of the user and for this user the ID 10005


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