Unable to restore Plesk backup: Global server security settings prohibits restore from unsigned or modified backups




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    Les Fenison

    This would be  good answer if it were accurate but it is NOT.

    There is no "restore this backup despite the fact that it does not have a valid signature" option.   

    As of Obsidian 18.0.32  this is not an option.


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    Asim Zeeshan

    The option appears for admin only

    I have created a reseller with all rights and this option does not appear in the reseller (trying to move a reseller-generated backup from another Plesk installation)

    How do I do that from the reseller?

    The admin doesnt restore the backup because "The backup of the type reseller cannot be restored now. To restore it, log in as the backup owner and click this backup name in Backup Manager."

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