Plesk installation failed: Exception: Failed to solve dependencies


2017-05-17 13:54:19 UTC


2017-08-08 13:25:42 UTC


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Plesk installation failed: Exception: Failed to solve dependencies

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux


1. Unable to install Plesk on RedHat-based OS:

Exception: Failed to solve dependencies:
psa-mod_rpaf-0.6.1-rhel6.17031414.x86_64 requires httpd
plesk-php71-pgsql-7.1.5-centos6.17051211.x86_64 requires
plesk-php71-pspell-7.1.5-centos6.17051211.x86_64 requires
php-gd-5.3.3-46.el6_6.x86_64 requires
plesk-php56-gd-5.6.30-centos6.17031314.x86_64 requires
plesk-php70-pspell-7.0.19-centos6.17051119.x86_64 requires
plesk-php56-pspell-5.6.30-centos6.17031314.x86_64 requires
plesk-php70-imagick-3.4.1-centos6.16063012.x86_64 requires
plesk-php56-imagick-3.1.2-centos6.15081011.x86_64 requires
plesk-php70-imagick-3.4.1-centos6.16063012.x86_64 requires
php-5.3.3-46.el6_6.x86_64 requires httpd
ERROR: The Yum utility failed to install the required packages.
Attention! Your software might be inoperable.
Please contact product technical support.

2. There are no enabled repositories:

# yum repolist
Loaded plugins: product-id, search-disabled-repos, security, subscription-manager
This system is not registered with an entitlement server. You can use subscription-manager to register.
repolist: 0
# grep enabled /etc/yum.repos.d/*


RPM repositories are not configured.


Contact your system administrator or RedHat technical support to configure repositories.

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