A WordPress website hosted in Plesk does not work: Error establishing a database connection




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    Emilio Plano Fenoglio

    Thanks for the post. However I would like to know the reason that wp-config.php change frequently and automatically in Plesk . In this case I have to reedit the file to recover the functionality of the web page.

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi @Emilio Plano Fenoglio,

    There is no functionality in Plesk to modify wp-config.php by any means, so whatever modified the file does not came from Plesk or WordPress toolkit, however some plugins can do that as far as I know.

    I would recommend to configure audit on the file in order to find out when it is getting changed: https://linux-audit.com/configuring-and-auditing-linux-systems-with-audit-daemon/ 

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