How to restart stuck migration?


2017-05-13 18:48:22 UTC


2017-08-12 04:24:06 UTC


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How to restart stuck migration?


During the migration, source server went offline and migration is stuck. How to stop existing session and restart it?


On Linux

  1. Find the stuck plesk-migrator process and kill it:

    # ps auxf | grep plesk-migrator | grep transfer-accounts
    root     10964  1.8  5.3 813648 56480 ?        Sl   01:18   0:09  \_ /opt/plesk/python/2.7/bin/python /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/modules//panel-migrator/plesk-migrator transfer-accounts /usr/local/psa/var/modules/panel-migrator/sessions/20170514005233/config.ini --migration-list-format=json --migration-list-file=/usr/local/psa/var/modules/panel-migrator/sessions/20170514005233/queue/queue-tasks/2017-05-14-01-18-14-1/migration-list.json --progress-task-id=2017-05-14-01-18-14-1 --skip-services-checks --skip-infrastructure-checks --skip-main-node-disk-space-checks --skip-license-checks --skip-capability-checks --ignore-migration-list-errors --reload-source-data
    # kill 10964

    Once it is done, plesk migrator reports that subscriptions are transferred. Subscriptions which were not transferred actually, are marked as "error" in subscriptions list.

  2. Once all issues are solved and migration could be continued,

    1. Navigate to Plesk > Extensions > Plesk Migrator > %session name% > Subscriptions list and select all Subscriptions with "errors" status
    2. Click "Migrate" in order to re-migrate failed subscriptions.

On Windows

  1. Using Task Manager look up processes panel-migrator-rsync.exe and terminate them.
  2. Re-sync existing subscriptions, or migrate new ones.
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