Unable to add Docker Proxy rules in Plesk, no container is displayed




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    Jaafar Fora (Edited )

    Hello, Thanks for the resolution.

    I have a problem: when I Deselect "Automatic port mapping ", the Manual mapping doesn't show up  !!!

    Do you have any why?


    Thank you 

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    Alexey Lapshin

    Hello, @Jaafar

    Looks like the container you using has "Expose" option. Docker image used to deploy the container does not have "Expose" option or the required port is not exposed.
    Plesk allows mapping ports that are exposed only. A feature request was created to allow specifying custom ports for containers regardless of the EXPOSED directive presence in the image.
    https://plesk.uservoice.com/forums/184549-feature-suggestions/suggestions/38134906-allow-to-specify-custom-port-mapping-even-docker-i%C2%A0 Top ranked suggestions will be considered to implement in future Plesk releases.
    The following workarounds are available:
    1. Use similar image that has the required ports exposed;
    2. If there is no such image, create your own image with proper settings.

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