How to send password in plain text


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How to send password in plain text

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.5
  • Plesk Onyx


How to send password to newly created customer in plain text


Although it is not recommended to send passwords in plain text, you could do that by following the steps described below:

1. create a bash script with the following content:

echo -e "To:${NEW_EMAIL}\nFrom:your_email \nSubject: Your account credentials\n\n Dear ${NEW_CONTACT_NAME}, to log in to your Control Panel, go to https://your_hostname:8443. Your username is ${NEW_LOGIN_NAME} and the password is ${NEW_PASSWORD}\n" | sendmail -t

replace your_email and your_hostname with appropriate values.

2. Log in to Plesk, go to the Tools & Settings tab > Event Manager .
3. Click Add New Event Handler and specify the following:

  • Event . Select Customer Account Created from the menu.
  • Priority . Leave set to lowest (0).
  • User . Leave set to root .
  • Command . Specify the path to the shell script created during step one (for example, /tmp/ ).

4. Click OK .
5. Uncheck Customer notification "Customer account creation" on Tools & Settings tab > Notifications to avoid email duplication.

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