How to add or modify DNS records for specific domain using CLI in Plesk for Linux




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    andreas gstrein

    If we do this 

    the controlpanel still shows:

    The changes you made to DNS records are not saved yet. The changes are marked in the list of records. Click Update to apply the changes to the DNS zone. Click Revert to cancel the changes.

    Is there an additional CLI command necessary ?


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    Alexandr Redikultsev (Edited )

    Hi @andreas gstrein,

    There is no way to remove this message via the command line in case you are seeing it already, however in case you add the records from the command line to begin with, this message should not be there, I checked this with

    # plesk bin dns -a -a "" -ip
    # plesk bin dns -a -ns "ns3" -nameserver


    Actually, the following command should remove the 'Update' warning:

    # plesk sbin dnsmng --update --without-reverse

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    andreas gstrein

    hi Alexandr,

    we do

    plesk bin dns --del DOMAIN.TLD -a webmail -ip;
    plesk bin dns --add DOMAIN.TLD -a webmail -ip;

    and the message is there.

    So can we ignore the message or do we need to do the additional wor in plesk-panel

    best regards

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    Alexandr Redikultsev


    I suppose that this message was there before the change, check what record is actually marked with exclamation mart with this 'Update' message is shown:

    In case it's a different record, ignore it or press 'revert'. In case it's the same one, then additional work will be required. In case you observe this behavior on a newest version of Plesk Onyx 17.8 and can reproduce it stably, submit a request to us in order to investigate this behavior in details.

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