Is it possible to secure Mailman admin page using Let's Encrypt extension in Plesk?




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    b_p (Edited )

    Well, this should be added as a feature similar to securing webmail subdomains. Thus, it should not be too difficult to get this implemented...

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    Alexandr Tumanov

    @b_p Currently, it is not planned to add Mailman support to Let's Encrypt. However, it may be changed in case of votes for this feature on

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    Well, currently, if you use Let's Encrypt on the main domain as well as for Plesk Panel, this makes it imossible to access the Mailman page!

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    Alexandr Tumanov

    @b_p, could you please clarify the issue in details?

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    Nick Andriopoulos

    Assuming @b_p has the same issue as me:

    - Latest Onyx release
    - Server hostname
    - Domain
    - Letsencrypt certificate installed for domain and webmail
    - Redirect to HTTPS is enabled
    - Mailman installed an several mailing lists present under

    When accessing the domain, I get redirected to the SSL version, which is broken since I am presented with the LetsEncrypt certificate for the server hostname ( ) instead of the domain ( since is not included as a SAN there ), so I get a net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error and broken SSL icon.

    However, I can move on from that, and use most of the mailman admin interface... until we get to held message moderation. There, the form for moderation has method set to POST, and action set to the plain HTTP version of the page. Thus, when I use the radio buttons to accept/reject messages, the form is submitted to the HTTP endpoint, get 301'd to the HTTPS version, losing the POST data on the way, and no action is actually registered, making the mailman moderation queue unsusable.

    There are hackish ways to go about that (from tampering with mailman config files to injecting browser scripts) but this really should be dealt with by Parallels if you want to actually include Mailman in your offering -- otherwise it's a broken feature.

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    Nick Plekhov (Edited )

    Hello, @Nick Andriopoulos.

    This feature is not implemented yet, however, there is a feature request on our User Voice Portal.
    Feel free to vote for it, the top-ranked suggestions are likely to be implemented in future releases of Plesk.

    I have updated the article with the link to User Voice Portal so everybody has an opportunity to vote for it.

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