How to enable/disable backup management for a subscription in Plesk via CLI?




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    Daniel Pereyra

    Hello, I have tried the command on number 2 to disable local backups on domain, but Plesk keeps doing local backups. I can't find any other way to disable backups. When executing the command I get possitive feedback but keeps doing bk.

    plesk bin subscription_settings -u -allow_local_backups false

    SUCCESS: Update of domain '' completed.

    Any ideas on solving this and disable backups on a domain?

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  • Hi Daniel Pereyra,

    Could you please describe how that Plesk is setup? I mean, is the domain owned by a Client, Reseller or Admin? Is it linked to a Service Plan? Who's trying such local backups (the client, reseller, admin, or scheduled backups)?

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