Emails from certain domain moved to SPAM folder when DMARC is enabled




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    Marc Griesser

    I tried the workaround, but it does not seem to work.

    There was no /etc/psa/dmarc.conf so I created it and filled it as followed. Mails still get moved to INBOX.spam

    Plesk 17.8.11 on Ubuntu 18.04

    ## IgnoreMailFrom domain[,...]
    ## default (none)
    ## Gives a list of domain names whose mail (based on the From: domain) is to
    ## be ignored by the filter. The list should be comma-separated. Matching
    ## against this list is case-insensitive. The default is an empty list,
    ## meaning no mail is ignored.
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    Daria Gavrilova

    Hello @Marc Griesser,

    Most probably you have faced with the Plesk bug РРРM-6847 which is planned to be completely fixed in future Plesk updates.
    To solve the issue, please apply the workaround from the following article: Mail messages with different 'smtp.mailfrom' and 'from' do not pass the DMARC filter and go to spam

    In case if it does not help, I recommend you to contact Plesk support on this matter.

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