How to install Django applications in Plesk?




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    Phil Peter (Edited )

    Step 9: Security Issue?

    Thanks for the tutorial that finally enabled me to get Django running on our Plesk powered Ubuntu vhost. 

    However, following step 9 this way would, at least in my case, lead to a severe security issue because pointing the document root to the web app directory exposes the web app source code and files to the web. Passenger expects a "public" directory as a subdirectory in your web app that apache or nginx use to serve static files while passenger itself serves the django web app. The old 2014 guide  ( takes this route as well. 

    So, am I missing something or shouldn't you point document root to that "public" subdirectory?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Deepika Manhas

    I want to install Django application over plesk but its not working . I am working since 3 days but not getting proper resolution

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