Unable to manage files in Plesk File Manager or install WordPress via WordPress Toolkit: Disk quota exceeded




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    Ben Oua


    This guide explains how to set quota per web_user :

    But when I enable it for a web user, it enables it for whole subscription/system user of the subscription, so I am facing the same error as on this page.

    plesk bin webuser -u myuser -domain mydomain.tld -quota 300M
    SUCCESS: Update of webuser 'myuser' complete.

    quota -s main_user
    Disk quotas for user main_user (uid 10008):
    Système fichiers blocs quota limite sursisfichiers quota limite sursis
    /dev/sda3 301M* 0 300M 9875 0 0

    Is this a bug, or intended behavior ?
    As reading the CLI help page, it seem to imply we can set a different quota on each web_user ?

    Thank you

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    Nelson Leiva

    Hi Ben Oua,

    This is expected behavior.

    Hard disk quota for each web users has been deprecated in Plesk Onyx and Obsidian. In Plesk versions previous to Onyx and Obsidian the web users become individual system users with their own UID, while in supported Plesk version they are sharing the same UID as the main user of the subscription.

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