How to install theme for WordPress instance on Plesk server?




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    Dr. Michael Gellner

    Excellent - thanks.

    Yes, my site is alive again :-)

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Dr. Michael Gellner,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    As I understand, you want to migrate the whole website.

    In this case, I can suggest using SIte Import Extension.

    It may copy websites from the server where Plesk is not installed.

    The documentation with instructions may be found here.

    As for uploading custom Wordpress themes, you may do it here:

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    Dr. Michael Gellner (Edited )

    As far as I see here you explain how to click on things that are already obvious ("to install the theme a, b or c click on the entry a, b or c"). 

    How to install own themes or themes from an external marketplace like ThemeForest? What is if i have a bunch of files in a folder or a zip archive?

    I don't find a way to integrate this. I can copy the files via SSH but neither in Plesk nor in the WP instances something of this is visible. 

    I want to migrate my old blog - I have files and a DB, both already exist. Since days I am offline since I don't find a way to import my data (expecially the files) in a way I can access them (copying was easy but Plesk seems to ignore them completely).

    The new server has this Plesk thing - so I have to deal with it. But after several days I think about moving back to some pure debian when I don't find solutions for such simple things inside Plesk. And yes - I am frustrated after days.


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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Dr. Michael Gellner,

    I am glad to hear that =)

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