Unable to open Plesk Backup Manager: the page loads continuously and occupies 100% of CPU




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    William Thompson

    This was working. All domains hang now trying to access Plesk Backup Manager

    Plesk Onyx  Version 17.8.11 Update #19, last updated on Sept 4, 2018 03:22 AM

    None of the above solutions seem to fit. Any further work arounds?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @William, do you have symptoms from this article https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003755653-504-Gateway-Timeout-is-shown-while-accessing-Plesk-Backup-Manager ?

    Such behavior may need a deeper investigation, consider submitting a ticket: https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213409109-How-to-get-technical-support-for-Plesk-


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    William Thompson (Edited )

    Hello Ivan

    Thanks for the response. Not sure what I did but I did clear it somewhat. As of note I am backing up both to the server and FTPing to a backup point. 

    I believe somehow the password info to the FTP site got lost somehow (it was working). I reset the FTP point (after deleting session files to get in) and it cleared somewhat the stalling hanging to access Plesk Backup Manager. I also deleted previous older backups.

    I am just guessing but perhaps there are errors on previous backups that it was trying to clear caused the stalling. By me clearing these older error-ing backups it clears the hanging.

    That being said, now when I do a manual backup (each time), to give the following type of error message:

    Warning: Unable to resume an upload of the file to the storage: the content of the retrieved file 'TB8XBkpE4g6j4bL165qND2h8' does not match the content that was previously sent '07ncBH2H7nH6yCoH35qND2h8TB8XBkpE4g6j4bL16' ... etc....check permissions, use CURL to test etc ...

    However the error goes away automatically and the backup completes ok. It does it each time I do a manual backup. We shall see on the automatic daily backup. So it does not impeach my operations, but it is a bit disquieting to see these error messages. 

    Perhaps this helps someone or you have a comment on what might be happening.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @William, the explanation to the warning may be found here: https://support.plesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007305893-Warning-during-setting-FTP-repository-Unable-to-resume-an-upload-of-the-file-to-the-storage

    FTP server does not allow resuming uploads in case when the upload was interrupted (e.g. if there are some network issues).
    Some FTP servers do not have this option enabled by default.

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