How to manage Plesk Firewall via CLI?




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    Claudio Rifo

    Is there an official documentation page (Of this CLI tool)?

    The default rules (The ones included on install) always have the same IDs?

    Is there any way to see how the default rules are built (port/protocol)?


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    Alexandr Nikolaenko

    Hello Claudio,

    Let me answer your questions one by one.

    1. There is no official documentation of Plesk Firewall Management CLI as it was developed for internal usage. All documented CLI utilities are available at our Documentation Portal;
    2. ID's of Plesk default rules can be changed on activation/disabling Firewall management. "Priority" can be used as anchor if it is required, see point 3.
    3. Firewall rules are stored in "psa.module_firewall_rules" table. Default Plesk rules have values of "priority" in 0-20 range. At "object" the rule is written in service format, but nevertheless is understandable.

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