How to enable DKIM in Plesk?




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    Andrey Zelenchuk

    Plesk 17.8 - 17.0 for Windows do not have the Verify incoming mail option...

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    Andrey Zelenchuk (Edited )

    I am not authorized to access the "How to enable DKIM signing for all domains on Plesk for Windows server?" page which is referenced in this article 3 times...

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    Anzhelika Khapaknysh (Edited )

    Hi @Andrey Zelenchuk,

    You're right - Verify incoming mail option is available on Linux servers only.

    Regarding the "How to enable DKIM signing for all domains on Plesk for Windows server?" article - I've fixed the access to it. Please check it. 

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    Pieter van Kampen


    I use MailEnable  Standard 10.12 with Plesk 17.8.11, but there is no DKIM Span Protection Section in Plesk > Tools & Settings > Mail Server Settings 

    Should i do something to get that?

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    Alexandr Zubtsovsky

    @Pieter van Kampen


    Please try the following:
    1. Log into Plesk
    2. Go to Tools & Settings > Server Components and click "Refresh".

    If this does not help, please submit a ticket regarding this using these instructions.

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    Gonzalo Besoain

    DKIM: How to add extra signed headers?

    According with RFC 8058 "Signaling One-Click Functionality for List Email Headers" ( in order to use the header "List-Unsubscribe" this must be included on "h" tag of DKIM sign, nowadays only "From:To:Subject;" are included on DKIM-Signature.

    So, how can I add this extra header on the DKIM signature?

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    Nick Plekhov

    Hello, @Gonzalo Besoain
    It is possible to modify the DKIM record in Plesk > Domains > > DNS Settings
    If you click on record you will be able to specify any tags including h= in the TXT record field.
    Please mind that DKIM should be enabled globally for the whole server and for the domain otherwise, this TXT record will not exist.

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    Gonzalo Besoain

    Hi @Nick Plekhov 

    I understand that on DKIM DNS record the tag "h" is used to indicate hash algorithm.

    RFC 8058 refers to add the "h" tag on the DKIM-Signature that is generated for each email sent.. by Plesk postfix in my case. 

    For example:

    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed; s=dk2016;;
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    Alexandr Nikolaenko

    Hello Gonzalo Besoain,

    Thank you for clarification.

    Currently, Plesk does not provide an option to tune "DKIM-Signature" header.

    Please submit a feature suggestion on our Plesk UserVoice portal and it will be considered for implementation in future releases.

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