Email messages are not signed with DKIM if they are sent not via SMTP: DKIM Feed: Syntax error




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    Daniel Santer (Edited )

    It looks like the SMTP.php file is working pretty nice.

    This heavy bug is still not fixed and can cause a lot of trouble if using your own mailserver,


    Just one bug in the SMTP.php file i found, you forget to add the subject into the fputs.


    adding after: fputs($smtp_conn,"DATA\r\n");

    This lines:

    fputs($smtp_conn,"Subject: $YOURSUBJECT\r\n");
    $data = get_data($smtp_conn);

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    Pavel Rozental

    Hello Daniel,

    Thank you for your notice. SMTP.php has been updated with Subject line.

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    George Klissiaris (Edited )

    The same happens with emails that are being sent from the server when auto-reply is enabled in an email account. The email is being sent but not signed with DKIM. I just test it with Plesk Onyx Version 17.8.11 Update #38 on CentOS 6.10.

    Do you think it is the same issue or should i post it on a new thread?

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    Artyom Baranov

    @George Klissiaris,

    Hello! Seems like a different issue. Please check /var/log/maillog and use errors from there to find an appropriate article.

    If no solution is found, you may contact support according to the article:

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    Lars Doe

    This bug is from 2017. When will it finally be fixed?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Lars,

    Currently, there is no ETA for this issue.

    After fix being released this article will be updated.

    Also, the information will be available at Plesk change log.

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    Daniel Santer (Edited )


    This is a huge bug, i mentioned a few times at the forum already and talked with developers on your help center months ago.

    It really deserves a LOT more attention.


    Your unable to use your own mailserver over PLESK for sending newsletter/order mails or even simple mails.

    Some mailservers block not dkim signed messages or mark them as spam. For sure you wont have success like that if you dont implement a workaround.

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    Koert Van Malderen (Edited )

    Then just tell us: why so long? It's such a basic feature with big consequences.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Daniel and @Koert!

    Thank you both for the feedback. Indeed the functionality is useful and vital for you.

    Currently, the Development Team is concentrated on other functionality improvements and bugs. However, this issue is not abandoned and will be resolved, for now without the exact ETA. 

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