How to adjust the server performance?


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How to adjust the server performance?

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux


How to adjust the server performance?


Note that server performance tuning is a complex task and depends on the server resources, traffic, etc. Here are general recommendations below:

  1. Check MySQL server performance. The following article can be useful MySQL performance is slow. How to improve it?
  2. Review code of the websites in order to optimize it
  3. Use HTTP2 instead of HTTP . Check the following article for more details HTTP/2 Support now available for Plesk 12.5
  4. Use PHP 7.x and tune opcache feature for PHP
  5. Tune Apache webserver. Here are common settings to tweak:

    Timeout – This setting determines how long Apache will wait for a vistor to send a request.

    KeepAlive – When “KeepAlive” is set to “On”, Apache uses a single connection to transfer all the files to load a page. This saves time in establishing a new connection for each file.

    MaxKeepAliveRequests – This setting determines how many files can be transferred via a KeepAlive connection. Unless there’s a reason not to (like resource constrains), this setting can be set to “0”, that is, “unlimited”.

    KeepAliveTimeout – This setting makes sure that a KeepAlive connection is not abused. It says how long should Apache wait for a new request before it resets the connection.

    MaxClients – This setting tells Apache how many visitors can be served simultaneously.

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