Errors during backup creation on an external FTP server: Curl error: (55) Failed sending data to the peer




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    Mario Rossi

    Archiving files on the local machine is not "backup". Until this bug is fixed, you should remove "backup" from feature list of products you sell, because this is not backup.

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    Konstantin Annikov

    @Mario Rossi


    The case is rare one and we met this bug only once. Meanwhile, our developers are working on that issue to confirm the exact reason and fix it.

    In most of cases FTP backup functionality is working as expected.

    Have you faced any errors during backup creation on your environment? 

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    Marco Marsala

    Yes, I get FTP upload errors every day. On three servers, I never saw the FTP upload working a single time in many years. Please note that my backup files are 145 GB in size and the FTP service is provided by Livedrive. With smaller backups works without issues.

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    Konstantin Annikov

    @Marco Marsala

    What error do you see in the Backup Manager? 

    Post it here, maybe we have a fast solution. 

    If no, you can always create a ticket for our support here:

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    Marco Marsala

    This is the error:

    WARNING: () Unable to upload the backup to the FTP storage: Unable to resume an interrupted upload: Seek out of scope of a stream cache (current cache size: 6 MB, required size: 9 MB): The connectivity problem: (55) Failed sending data to the peer: Last FTP request: APPE backup_1710120000.tar13: Last FTP response: 150 Data connection established

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @Marco Please, check the solution from this article, it seems it is the one which describes the issue you have: 

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    Johannes Hartmann

    If anyone has Problems with uploading large Backups heres a Workaround that is working in my case (after trying everything I found). 

    My Setup ist Plesk Onyx (worked on several previous Versions) 

    Version 17.8.11 Update #21 on 

    Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS


    I upload the Backups to a fairly High End FTP only Backupserver and had the same Problems until I started to split it over several disks (excuse me if it's not the right translation of the option, you will find it after you set the location where the Backups should be stored). 

    I used the standard 1024MB and it works like a charm for around 1 Month now, the original Size was ca. 600GB that I had to upload manually after splitting it works without manual work.

    Hope it helps someone until Parallels finds a fix. 



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