How to upload a Plesk xml.tar/ backup file to the Backup Manager



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    Eric Matt

    When using CLI, I got the error "The dump does not nave XML configuration file" when using the command 'PLESK_BACKUP_PASSWORD="yourpassword" plesk sbin pmm-ras --import-file-as-dump --dump-file-specification /path/to/file.tar'.


    In my error, that's not a typo, that 'nave' is in the msg from plesk. I couldnt find anything online regarding this message nor the correctly spelled "The dump does not have XML configuration file". Anyway, the solution is VERY simple. Use the absolute path for /path/to/file.tar. I just did file.tar Jeeeezzz, took me more than 30min to figure it out. Hopefully this message helps someone else.

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