How to remove a database marked as "Used by an installed web app"?




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    I dont believe this to be completely true, I will give my example. I host some of my sites with GoDaddy and lets say I install a web app like Moodle for instance. As you pointed out Moodle automatically installed a database. I can there go to applications uninstall Moodle and the database does not get removed.

    This is a little annoying as When I go to Plesk, Databases the database in question is greyed out and can not be uninstalled the same way. I will at some point try  it the other way around and uninstall the database before trying to uninstall the application. For now I still have the small problem of removing the databases. I found this thread

    Unfortunately it did not help as step 3 suggests "Select psa" I dont see that as an option.

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    Denis Bykov


    Indeed, Plesk binds database to web application only for specific web applications installed via APS catalog.
    As for the issue, assuming you are using Windows Server, I suggest following CLI way from the aforementioned article.

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