Extension Updates: Plesk Multi Server 1.1.2


2017-03-20 09:44:53 UTC


2017-04-24 11:16:02 UTC


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Extension Updates: Plesk Multi Server 1.1.2

Applicable to:

  • Plesk Multi Server

20 March 2017

Extension Updates

Plesk Multi Server 1.1.2

  • [+] Multiple performance improvements related to task management were made.
  • [-] A confusing error message appeared in the Plesk Multi Server user interface during operations with prohibited domain names. (EXTPMS-1274)
  • [-] During synchronizing a subscription with its service plan, the “Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS” option became disabled in the subscription’s hosting settings, though, in the service plan’s settings, this option was enabled. (EXTPMS-1239)
  • [-] The “Tasks” page loaded too slowly during operations with tasks in case of many tasks. (EXTPMS-1240)
  • [-] After renaming a subscription, its name was not changed in the list of subscriptions on the management node. (EXTPMS-1214)
  • [-] If a task on a service node failed by timeout, the service node was always set to the “Unavailable” status. (EXTPMS-1235)
  • [-] A service node became unavailable in the case of a web server configuration error. (EXTPMS-1212)
  • [-] When a service node was disabled and then enabled, DNS zone template synchronization started while the DNS zone templates of the service node and the management node were already in sync. (EXTPMS-1217)
  • [-] When clicking the “Manage Node” link in the management node user interface, the HTTP connection was changed to HTTPS in the service node’s URL. (EXTPMS-1164)
  • [-] If there were non-critical issues during service nodes synchronization, the administrator was not notified about them. (EXTPMS-1110)
  • [-] The administrator could not search for tasks with the “New” and “Queued” statuses in the tasks list. (EXTPMS-1121)
  • [-] The administrator could not sort tasks in the tasks list by the “Action” field. (EXTPMS-1109)
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