What ipv4. and ipv6 domain in DNS settings of a domain is for?




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    Pieter van Kampen

    I am afraid this is not the answer to the question. I don't want ipv4 and ipv6 subdomains. I have subdomains, such as api.mydomain.com and now get ipv4.api.mydomain.com, ipv6.api.mydomain.com, ipv4.www.api.mydomain.com, ipv6.www.api.mydomain.com and www.api.mydomain.com.

    To my purpose that is junk. Can I prevent plesk from generating these bindings and certificates, and can I safely remove them? 

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    Maxim Krasikov

    Hello @Pieter van Kampen,

    The article has been updated. Such DNS records may be required by web applications on the Internet.

    You can prevent Plesk from generating these DNS records by removing them in Plesk DNS Template:
    1. Log into the Plesk.
    2. Go to Tools & Settings > DNS Template.
    3. Remove records ipv4.<domain>. and ipv6.<domain>.
    4. Press Apply DNS Template Changes to update existing DNS zones.

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